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Patient Information

Phone calls

For all medical related questions, please call the Main Office Line, (570) 424-8300.  Zahra Pediatrics is equipped with a state of the art Electronic Medical Records system that allows for quick, secure, and accurate retrieval of patients’ health information. Please provide the receptionist with a brief summary of your questions or needs, who will,according to the urgency of your request, promptly connect you to a trained nurse who may better assist you. Questions requiring input by a doctor will be forwarded for their feedback.

Outside of regular office hours, the Main Office Line will be answered by our answering service. The operators will ask for your name, the name and age of your child, and the nature of the illness. Your call will be answered within a short period of time, taking into consideration the call volume the doctor is handling and the urgency of the problem. If you call outside of regular office hours, please keep your phone lines clear for at least 30 minutes. If your child should need to be seen outside of regular office hours, you will be referred to an appropriate emergency room or urgent care center where the doctor will be in phone contact until the problem is resolved. Please keep in mind that after hours calls should be made only for emergencies. However, we understand that each individual’s perception of what constitutes an emergency may differ, and it is our duty to cover all of those perceptions. Any questions regarding office appointments or billing are more efficiently handled during regular office hours.

Office Policies

Our goal at Zahra Pediatrics is not only to provide the highest quality of health care but also to help you navigate the complex world of the current health care system. Our policies are designed[c] to optimize patient care and facilitate proper billing. We regard your understanding of our policies an essential element of the care we provide for your children.

Please call your insurance company to find out if Zahra Pediatrics is “In Network” with your plan to prevent  you from being charged Out-of-Network fees. Please note that participation with a plan is NOT the same as being “In Network”

On your first visit to Zahra Pediatrics please bring the following  items:


  • Your child’s complete immunization records
  • Your health insurance card
  • Driver’s License of the Responsible Party
  • Parents please come with the patients SS # card

Every Visit
Upon each visit to Zahra Pediatrics, you will be asked to :


  • Present your current insurance card
  • Update your personal information
  • List the name and dose of all medications the patient is on
  • Update any changes in patient history

Minor Patients
Parents or guardians accompanying minor patients (patients under the age of 18 years) are responsible for providing current insurance information. If a patient is accompanied by someone other than a legal guardian, a consent form must be signed and  on file before we can see the patient. The permission to accompany a minor form can be found here.

Routine Well Visits
Well visits often require extra time, as we address nutrition, growth, and developmental issues. We have found that parental attention wanes when too much information is provided. We ask that you schedule a well visit for no more than two children at a time so that we can give our full attention to each child. If your child is sick, the doctor  will address the child’s urgent  needs  and reschedule their well visit for a later date. If you have specific concerns about your child, beyond those of routine well -visit,child i(I.e. ADHD, chronic constipation, chronic headaches, or asthma) we will help you schedule another visit to fully address your concerns.

Sick Visits
Same-day sick visit appointments are always available. Please call to schedule a time. You will be asked the age, nature, and duration of the child’s illness to book the appropriate amount of time.

Walk-In Visits (Not Urgent)
Please try to avoid walk-in visits as it severely disrupts patient flow. As such,  you will be charged a $25 convenience fee for all walk-in visits.

Emergency Visits
Emergency visits are accommodated into our schedule. A separate insurance code for emergency visits will be submitted first to your insurance company for payment.

Cancellations and No-shows
As a courtesy, we call to remind you of your child’s appointment 1 to 2 days prior. To avoid a $40 service fee, please call at least 24 hours in advance  to cancel or reschedule any appointments. The fee for a missed well-visit/physical and Saturday appointment is $40 and $25 for all other appointments. As a courtesy, we will waive the first no-show fee. After your 3rd missed visit you may be asked to find a different doctor who may be able to provide better care for you.

Medications/ Refills
Our doctors don’t always know which medications are covered or preferred by your insurance company. You  can contact your insurance carrier regarding medications they cover. Refills for medications will only be given if the child has been monitored for that condition in the past 6 months. Contact your pharmacist to send us an electronic request to our office for medication refills.

School Forms
A physical exam form brought in at the time of visit will be completed free of charge. Any form completed by our staff that is not brought in at the time of visit will be charged $5 to $10 depending on the form. A 3 day notice is required.

Blood Work and Other Ordered Tests
Along with knowing which lab/facility your insurance covers, it is also your responsibilty to  know which procedures it will cover at those facilities. You may request an “explanation of benefits” from your insurance carrier. Any service provided by a lab or hospital is a contract between you and that particular lab. Any disputes regarding their billing should be handled with that lab and is therefore not the responsibilty of our practice.

We routinely use the following labs to serve our patients:
• Health Network
• Pocono Medical Center
• Quest

These labs automatically forward us your test results. You may go to any lab of your choice, provided they send us your results by fax or mail.

Vaccination Philosophy

We, at Zahra Pediatrics embrace preventive medicine and whole heartedly believe in the effectiveness of vaccines to prevent serious illness, morbidity and death.  We know based on extensive scientific literature and evidence based studies that:

• Vaccines DO NOT causes autism or other developmental disabilities.

• It has also been shown that thimerosal a preservative used in some vaccines is in no way associated with any harm.

• Vaccinating Children and young adults may be the single most important health promoting intervention we perform as health care providers and that you can provide as caregivers.

• The current vaccine schedule recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics and Center for Disease Control is the result of years of Research done by the brightest of Scientists and Physicians on millions of children.

•  No vaccine is 100% Safe or effective.  Studies show the benefits far outweigh the risk of not being vaccinated.

• If you should decide not to vaccinate your child with the recommended vaccines, you may be asked to find a different provider.